Frequently Asked Questions

How do I ship my firearm to Modern Pistoleros?

It is simple, you place it in a secure box and ship it via UPS or FedEx, along with a copy of your order invoice.
Note: It is illegal to ship your firearm through USPS, so make sure to only use UPS or FedEx.

Ship it to:
Modern Pistoleros
10890 Quail Roost Dr.
Cutler Bay FL

Here are step-by-step instructions on how to ship your firearm(s)

  1. Make sure the firearm is unloaded, and that no ammo is shipped with it.
  2. Securely package the firearm in a strong box.
  3. Include a copy of the PDF invoice for the order in the box. If shipping multiple firearms and more than one box is required, make sure a copy of the invoice is in each box with the corresponding firearm highlighted on the invoice.
  4. Ship the package using UPS or FedEx, as it is illegal to ship firearms by the US Postal Service.
  5. Ideally, you should submit a copy of the invoice along with the tracking number(s) for the package(s) by using the Contact Us form or emailing it to

Is it legal for me to ship my firearm directly to Modern Pistoleros?

Yes! Modern Pistoleros holds a valid Federal Firearms License (FFL), which enables you to ship your firearm directly to us for customization and receive it back directly from us.
Note: Law requires us to return your firearm only to the address listed on your Driver’s License. In the event that the address on your license is outdated, you’ll be required to provide a copy of a recent utility bill that confirms your current address for verification purposes.

Does Modern Pistoleros offer a Military and First Responder Discounts?

Absolutely! The Modern Heroes discount is our way of showing appreciation to those who have served or are currently serving our nation. To learn more, please visit our dedicated Modern Heroes page on our website.

Who qualifies for the Military and First Responder Discount?

This exclusive discount is available to active service members, veterans, active or retired police officers, firefighters, corrections personnel, and medical professionals. We believe that your dedication and commitment deserve recognition, and we’re proud to offer this discount as a token of our gratitude.

What is the turnaround time?

Turnaround times depend on the project. Stippling is usually 2–4 weeks.  Stippling and Cerakote is usually 2–4 weeks. Full builds which consist of stippling, Cerakote, slide cuts and parts are usually 2–3 months. Please contact us in order to get a current approximate time.

If I supply pictures of a stipple job I saw online from someone else, can Modern Pistoleros copy it?

No! We at Modern Pistoleros pride ourselves in the work we offer and don’t copy anyone else’s work. Certain features are industry standard, but we usually try to come up with our own lines. Also, it is important for us to respect other people’s original work.

Does Modern Pistoleros offer laser stippling?

No! At this time, we do not offer Laser Stippling services at Modern Pistoleros, but we are exploring the possibility of adding it in the future. If you require this service, please check out our Custom Pistol option, and we will collaborate with you to create a customized firearm that meets your needs. Please note that we do offer laser engraving services.

My firearm was previously stippled, but I am not happy with the results. Can Modern Pistoleros fix it?

Yes, however, we ask for you to email us at with detailed pictures of all sides of the frame. Most times we can fix someone else’s mistakes, but in extreme cases there will not be much we can do.